Sky Muffins

Sky Muffins is an arcade-like game about a muffin who has mastered the art of space travel. In the game, you are a muffin who is parachuting down from space to get back to Earth. You need to dodge all of the asteroids and storm clouds to make it safely down to your destination. Like all good arcade games, it never ends. The obstructions keep coming towards you faster and faster as the levels progress and increase in difficulty. Every once in a while, you start to drift down… If you go down too low, you will die. The only way to keep yourself afloat is to flap your wings by moving your finger up and down. To flap your wings, you need stamina. Stamina is obtained by collecting apples, which fly by you throughout the game. The goal of the game is to get back down to Earth and earn the highest score possible.

Leap Motion Download

I originally built Sky Muffins for iOS back in 2011 when I was 14. It was my first published iOS app.






Along with many of my other older apps, I retired it from the App Store.
In 2013, I relaunched the game from scratch for Leap Motion on Mac OS X

No longer maintained.